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Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP

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Made new. Your old self died and now you are born again. As long as you really meant it. Jen Hatmaker episode referencing church camp. Jen Hatmaker episode referencing deconstruction with Rachel Held Evans. One of the stipulations my Dad had was that he was fine with Mom picking our Sunday denomination, but he wanted my sister and me to attend Catholic school. I learned that faith practices and beliefs in the Catholic Church were incredibly different. There was no emphasis on heaven and hell.

Who was right and wrong. There was ritual and practice and education. I say all this clearly understanding the issues with The Catholic Church. I know it is far from perfect. Yet, in a weird way…it felt safer than the other faith practice. I remember the rejection of the Sunday faith I grew up in, but really Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP only pin it down recently.

I was in the second grade. We can talk later. To my recollection, we never did. I have had many many issues with the capital C Church over the years. Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP had no problem with God or even at that Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP Jesus. It was the Church that I took issue with. How I was personally treated just because of my gender. I wanted to believe that God was bigger than all of this. I wanted to believe that God created us all.

Wonderfully different with all kinds of perfectly perfect imperfections. After college and two years in the real world, Stephen my husband and I got married and moved to NYC.

Stephen had grown up a Presbyterian and I was willing to give it a whirl because, why not? We did not attend regularly, but the first Sunday we attended I found fascinating. The minister, a woman, and a grammy award winning saxophone player gave the most interesting musical sermon I had ever heard. Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP place was different and I was hooked.

There was no hell, fire and brimstone. There was peace and grace. We attended off and on throughout the Fall and into the Spring. There were so many baptisms. Not that surprising for the holiday. A place where everyone belonged and everyone was welcome. Just how I imagine God would want it. I have found it easier over the years and, in particular now, to have a personal relationship with Mary rather than Jesus.

Although I talk to both. Being a mom and a woman…I feel like Happy - Michael Henderson - In The Night-Time would relate to each other better and she would understand what I am going through.

I also Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP to see God more from the feminine than the masculine which I think stems from the overbearing maleness of church that I grew up in. This past year, I was introduced, thanks to a close friend, to an inter faith group of women who meet monthly. It is a group of Jewish, Christian and Muslim women who get together once a month and discuss their faith.

Not from a goal to convert. That is not allowed. We go strictly to learn about each others faith experiences and traditions. It has made such an impact on my faith. I simply went to go and meet amazing women who worshipped God in their own amazing traditions and I have done that and I have made some amazing friends!

I also have a much deeper appreciation of how the three Abrahamic faiths fit together. For me, belief in God is easier. I have seen evidence of God. Christianity is my hang up. I see how perceived leaders of the church have molded their flock through fear.

This fear has created quite a split between me and family and friends over the years. They are not sure what to do with me and on more than one occasion concern for my salvation has been expressed. This fear has also created an us vs. It is something I Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP not want to be a part of. It is not something I want for my son.

Do I identify as Christian? It is something I struggle with. For me, there is so much baggage wrapped up into that word.

For now, I find the Progressive Christian label to be a better fit for me. In many ways Hymnus: Ave Maris Stella - CantArte Regensburg, Hubert Velten - Gregorianische Gesänge / Gregorian C deconstruction is complete, but the rebuilding is not yet finished.

I have learned that if you are a person who has gone through a faith crisis. Be it Christian or something else. It is okay! You are not alone. I think you are most likely a better person for it. You have thought through some hard stuff.

The journey of self discovery is not easy. I think a deconstruction of faith is even more difficult especially if you grew up in a tradition where if you end up not believing Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP the other side…its hell. I get it. I maintain the belief though that the Creator of the Universe is bigger than that. That the creator created me and you from a place of love.

Outro: Hey, Pod Sisters. Again, tell me what Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP think. I hope you enjoyed todays episode. I really hope you got something from it. I really appreciate the opportunity to share my deconstruction story with you. Like I said at the top. If there is anything you need when it comes to faith deconstruction or anything else on this podcast.

Please feel free to reach out to me. Tweet meprivate message mee-mail me. I am here. So many of these things I have been through. This, in particular, has been on my heart a while. There will be people who hear this on this podcast who may or may not have heard this whole story who are pretty concerned who will reach out to me because they are worried about me.

So that will be fun. Anyway, I will link everything in the show notes. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. Diana Bacon is one of the co-founders of Financial Strategies Group, a boutique financial planning firm located in Dallas, Texas.

She wanted to have more control over what she could offer her clients. We talk about everything from starting your own firm to the importance of financial self care and what that means for women of today and their families! It was a great conversation and I learned a ton! Susan: Hi Friends, my guest today is Diana Bacon. I am so excited to share our conversation today because we discussed two very important topics; one, leaving a large service firm to go Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP on your own; and two, the importance of financial self-care.

Susan: I am very excited that we are finally doing this. So for you to come on and talk with us this morning, it means so much to me. But first, I just want to start off—and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do you and how you got started and how you got to where you are now. Diana Bacon: Well, I started in the financial planning field a little over 20 years ago now. So, I got in to fee only financial planning at the recommendation of a friend. And I started working for a company that had a great training program.

The company was not a good fit for me but they put me on definitely the Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP foot. And I met my husband here. I wanted to work with nice people who were living their lives and doing the things they wanted to do and help them and not try to create this boxed product that I just ran everyone through.

Three years ago now I merged with another small firm—so two teeny tiny firms became a slightly larger small firm. Susan: Wow! I just delivered this baby. Tell me what success looked like at that time. Tell me how you were able to prioritize stuff. I know you said—you mentioned you had childcare at the time which is huge. That is of the utmost importance.

But tell me about how you did that time, how you prioritize that, how you how you had time for yourself, time for your family, built your business.

Diana Bacon: I mean first—and I do want to touch on that point you just made about childcare. Diana Bacon: I Ants - Fred Frith / Darren Johnston - Everybody /s Somebody /s Nobody I want to make this very transparent.

I was only able to do this because I had a spouse—well, I still have that spouse—but I had a spouse at the time that could support us and we could pay for child care. We had some financial help from his parents. Without any of that—if it was just me, if we were just struggling through I do not think that my firm would be where it is today, I think I would be in a very different spot.

I had great childcare that I could trust my baby with, and that made all the difference. You also asked about success at that point in time, and I believe in attainable goals Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP continually measuring against them. My undergrad is in math.

That was my number one goal because I did have to pay for like filing fees with the state and setting up my business and buying a lot of software and all of those things. So the first thing was I wanted to be in the black, I wanted to be making money and making a profit. And then it was the next, you know, I wanted to be covering child-care with my Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP. How do I want these clients to grow so that my business is growing with Klockan Ett Och Tio 27aug I En Elektribe - Various - Nordic Combination One of the things we really want to get to that you want to get to that you want to talk about, and this is what you do on a daily basis, is helping people with self care, with the financial aspect of self care.

Diana Bacon: Okay, so I do work with a lot of women. My industry has very few women. I can ask you any question. Is she going to be able to stop working? What does your savings plan look like? How do you go about investing? And then you know what? And one of the other things is women often—even if you stay married your whole life—women tend to outlive their husbands, statistically. Do you see that? Susan: It just breaks my heart. Susan: Yeah, if for nothing else that basic Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP.

Diana Bacon: My client Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP has really changed over the years. When I first started I was working entirely with corporate executives.

So I started working with small business owners and really seeing some of them have an entrepreneurial spirit, which is really fun. I hesitate with entrepreneurs because the people who just start one thing after another never really become financially secure. But as I started my own firm, I really thought about who I wanted to work with and who I wanted to help. Now, it is much more specific than that; I help people with their personal finances, I give them investment advice, you know all of that.

So to me, a good client is A, someone that I can help and B, someone who sees the value in my Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP.

And looking at the current division in The Jinks - Love Like This, I mean my clients are all over the board.

I work with some very conservative families, I work with very liberal single women, I do work with every everyone, but the one thing that I keep coming back to is, you know, are they doing good in their little corner of the world? Am I providing value? Am I helping them, and do they do they see that value? That is just a cool way to think about building a business is really—you really seem to put your clients first, and I love that.

I really…I just love that. That just kind of warms the heart a little bit. Susan: Yeah, one or two more questions because I want to be respectful of your time today. Tell us…You work a lot. I think when we first started talking about this you were coming out of a busy time, so tell us how you, when you have the ability to, how do you recharge your batteries.

Diana Bacon: I really focus on the things that I know you know reinvigorate me, get me excited about life again. And being part of a community just speaks to my soul. What is one action step she can take today to move that ball forward? Susan: Awesome, that is great advice. Thank you so much for joining me today, I really appreciate it.

I appreciate you taking the time and I appreciate you sharing with us, your thoughts. If you head on over to howshegothere. The transcript page is a great resource because it is not only the interview written out in its entirety, it has links to some of the things we discussed.

Thanks again, friends. Marisa Beahm Klein started writing at a young age. It began with a journal her parents gave her and she has been writing in one form or another ever since. She expresses her talent for writing through poetry, prose, and journalism.

Susan: My guest today is Marisa Klein. She has had a love of words her entire life. She loved reading at a very early age and started journaling in the third or fourth grade and just never really looked back. We talk about everything from her college slam poetry team to how she parlayed a love of journalism and storytelling into her current role at the United States Holocaust Museum. Thanks for having me on your podcast. Susan: Well, I am so excited to be talking to you. You have a passion for writing, Sidi Elharag - Various - Mega Raï I would love it if you would share a little bit about that passion with us and where it comes from.

So to kind of think back to where my writing passion came from, I think it really blossomed first with just an absolute love of reading. And then one of the best things my parents ever did for me is when I was really young, probably third or fourth grade, my parents gave me a journal and really encouraged me to try to write every day in it. That just became a routine for me so I learn to just communicate and process what my life was like through words.

So from the time I was in elementary school to today I still journal regularly, nothing as routine as I used to unfortunately, but it just became so natural to me to communicate through words, and as I got older I just tried to pursue as many writing opportunities as I could. And I love journalism and I love interviewing people and storytelling and I also love poetry so I always try to carve out space to write poetry and started going to open mics when I was about 15 or 16 here in Colorado where I grew up and performed for my college slam poetry team and so it just became such a big part of who I am.

That just blows my mind, just blows my mind. So she still teases me to this day that I never watched her play, I would just read my book on the sidelines.

Actually, that paid off. Susan: Yeah, obviously, no kidding. And I tried to get better at it over the years because I found it to be a calming thing for me.

But that is fascinating that you were doing that from the third or fourth grade. That is just too funny. Did you ever read those Sweet Valley High books? Marisa: Oh sure, so slam poetry evolved from an open mic in Chicago. There is one man attributed Seasons - Grace Slick - Dreams kind of starting it, and so he was kind of sick of going to your boring coffee shop poetry reading so he decided to turn it into a competition.

So slams are fairly formulaic wherever you go for them, but usually, everybody who performs has a three-minute time slot… roughly. So you really you want your audience to respond because after you perform then your audience rates you. There is judges randomly selected from the audience so they give you a score from 1 to So at the end, somebody is actually a winner. And it was just a great opportunity for me to get some experience on stage and conquer my fears of going before crowds in that manner.

It was just a lot of fun. Susan: That is such a neat idea. I may have to try to find one to go listen to. Susan: Yes. And I want to talk about your views on art in a minute, but I think we can work it into maybe something, because I remember you said you specifically want to talk about everybody having the ability to be an artist. But I think maybe going into the next questions you kind of talked about that a little bit, you have had the opportunity to be a journalist on the international stage.

And I kind of had the intention that I would go for a month or two and then come back and pursue a full-time job at a newspaper in The States, but I got really fortunate when I arrived in Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP and I was able to connect with a few English-speaking journalists there, and I was able to find freelance work very quickly.

And so I was Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP for two different English language magazines during my time there. One of the types of writings I did a lot of business reporting so I was writing for the American Chamber of Commerce publication. And I was very young so I was 21 when I arrive to there. And a lot of the events I would go to, especially for those business communities, were very male-dominated. I remember being very cautious about my clothing; trying to Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP very businesslike, trying to kind of play up your age in that way.

So that was hard. And also a big difference of journalism in Hungary versus the United States is the press freedom in Hungary deteriorated while I was there so I did a little — just to put it in context, there is an organization called Freedom House that ranks freedom of the press internationally, and in Hungary when I Hot Rock - Cozy Powell - Tilt, the data for press freedom are currently — Hungary only gets a rating Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP 44 out of So means you have no press freedom so 44 is fairly high, and by contrast, the US is at a 23 level.

So when I left there was still free press in Hungary but it was really under attack. So I would say Hungary is a struggling country in terms of press freedom. So to see that firsthand experience was very interesting, and unfortunately, it has only gotten worse since I left.

And to think that there are some countries that are fighting for it every day more so than hopefully than we ever will. Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP wonder you kind of shifted things around a little bit. Susan: Yeah, wow. You also have — I would argue some serious expertise in not just online content but social media content and campaigns. Marisa: I am not in charge of it. So I do not run very social channel but I do work and share content.

I think I remember seeing your Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP Facebook live video Tortured Impaled And Dismembered - Indecent Excision - Deification Of The Grotesque I think you were in it.

Marisa: Yes. So I did launch our Facebook live pilot series. So we did a week series that was aligned with another campaign we were doing. So that on Facebook, yeah, I was very active, and I did kick off the whole series in the museum.

So that was like good opportunity. Susan: Yeah, it was so cool just from, again, the spectator side of things. It was fascinating because I have never been to the museum myself and just being able to see it from afar was so, so inspiring, just everything that is there. And what you guys can, I guess, bring to the public and what you guys do on a daily basis is really Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP. And this is a natural marriage to me because I was always covering business and I was covering the arts so that really fused those two together and gave me the knowledge I needed to transition from covering the arts to working with intercultural institutions.

So I loved my grad school program and it allowed me to pivot my career into something Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP marketing-focused. And I worked for a couple years at a performing arts center called Wolf Trap Foundation of the Performing Arts, Naadyn - Moon Remix that was a great opportunity and very fun.

Marisa: Yeah, so that was great, but I was ready for something new and I saw the job come up at the Holocaust Museum, and it really peaked my interest because it was I believe the mission of the museum and it was really a dream for me to get to work on the National Mall that I come everyday and get off at the Smithsonian metro.

So I studied I Feel Loved [desert after hours dub] - Depeche Mode - Depeche Modes Exciter Remixed and broadcast, so the fact that now in my job today I get to do such a wide variety of writing that my journalism degree set me up for, which is just fantastic.

Susan: Well, share with us a little bit about that, if you would like. I would love to hear more about it. Marisa: Yeah, so when I was in Budapest, I lived in the Jewish quarter there so that got me more interested in Holocaust history and covering the Jewish Community there.

And so when I saw this job come open in DC, I was really kind of shocked that I would actually get to use any of what I learned while living in Hungary, especially historical content, and apply to a job in the United States.

And of course, that really made me kick myself for not getting Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP at the Hungarian language because I interact with Hungarian speakers on a regular basis. But really thank you, thank you for sharing that and thank you for doing that work. Susan: Well it sounds like it has become their life-work as well.

I cannot even begin to come close to putting myself in that situation. And I never really thought about it, but I really appreciate them doing that. Anyway, sorry about that, I might have gotten a little emotional.

Marisa: Well that is a very kind assessment of me, but of course, I have moments where I lack self-confidence, really, like, everybody does. And I guess I do have a really outwardly view of…One of my high school teachers used to always just call me very self possessed and I think I of course try to exude confidence in what I do, but certainly, I have moments of self-doubt, and I have a really wonderful team of editors who work with me who always help each other out and putting our best work forward.

I really could not speak more Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP of my family and core circle of friends. And things that It Happened In Monterey - Frank Sinatra - Twenty Golden Greats struggle with is I worry a lot about how my decisions affect other people and the way that they make those people feel, sometimes then the way they make me feel or how my actions help or hurt me.

And having other people just kind of to refocus how I see myself and my actions is so helpful. So I love that aspect. And then also I think something that helps me in self-confidence which is very funny is I am a total dabbler. So I like to jump in these projects and try new things but never attained or frankly really try to an expert level. So in my life like a willingness to be a novice or very mediocre at activities is really healthy.

And those are several little ways you do it which sound awesome and fun. Prepare for punishment. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 19, Paracide by Patient Zero. Rendered Ghost. Storm Shadow. Purchasable with gift card. Bondage Of Screams Where Is The Soul Find Me Signal Calling Cup Of Shadows Carry The Dead Self Repair Battlefield Freaking Out Log In.

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