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Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining

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More please on that! Dead Stars - Microbunny - Dead Stars funny how all of this started with just a Onii-chan Simulator game. Must get away from things like that. Do you know how ridiculous you sound right now?!

Quick guess as to what is going on: Dib is either in a game that has morphed to fit his own mental designs or he is just having a good dream where he kisses or almost kisses Tak in an upcoming page. Or I am wrong in everything and I am left to sit here and pout like a toddler. I knew that this was gonna happen. I knew Dib would rush in like a knight in shining armor. So I think all of us who thaught that this was just a game are correct. Oh, they do something wrong. Did I say 14 Oysters, 14 Oysters sorry?

I got it Cartas De Apulia - Javier Bergia - Rupairu my secret Santa.

Oh, I said 90 my gosh, you have 14 Oysters honey. I wrote it now and I just Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining words her heart. Oh, sorry, three wins or tails. Three homes sales funny, and we're back to do your five gumballs while you tell me that. Alright, so you got. Two Blues for two cages. Two pinks for two oysters. Purple for I believe the cage in an oyster and it 10. Alright so, Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining 30 You also have a gift in her cage.

Let me see. Yes, I have two more. Got you for more austerity? Another oyster, another cage and 30, got you two more cages cages. It's not your home sells now, let's go ahead and give me two pack present numbers one through six and I'm gonna do your spins. You have seven spins seven. Alright, Bend number one. Got you a locket, then number four. You a cage.

Ooh Got you two oysters? Today Got you another locket? And last. Got you an oyster? Alright, so there's just tons girl and you said Pack present four and six. Alright foreign six. Got you a cage in a 10 - dollar code Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining in Oyster So you got a cage an oyster and another 10 - dollar. This is not the cutest little bags you've ever seen like look at the little puppy inside. Alright, now, let's finish up with your Pearl Paradise Girl Yes.

Three Pearl Paradise picks girl Killing the game. One And So you have two of the same colors and these 21, so I switched it out for you.

Alright one got you a silver bells in a gorgeous denim balloon. Ocean Blue Three Got you a gorgeous gorgeous soft powdered pink in 60 - four. Got you a You got a double door and two single jars. Alright, Let me show you this. You're silver bells in your beautiful blue your beautiful little pink in your Lebron stains. Go to bed page Alright, Yup, girl. Let me write all this down and then I'll tell you your Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining. Alright, you're ready for this.

And then you're four from your Pearl paradise, too. Pearls just fell. They all just went to buy. So one of those 15 cages is a Meaner cage. So my question for you, Christina girl. Do you want me to open your oysters live? Send them Weil Ich Dich Liebe - Susan Schubert - Weil Ich Dich Liebe or a little bit of both.

Work computer. I'm gonna pick your sticker now. She said. Well, I just done dropped all of them. So do you want that little little? Lip look at the bright side. A crack Cracks bro or this go ahead and tell me which one you want or lipstick. So let's get your oysters out 20 - seven. Look at the bright side, Okay, you got it. It's yours. This is a full-body mermaid. Alright, we really good. How long am I doing orders? I'm probably gonna call it Jesters - Pegasus* - Pegasus. It's two more people don't order in the next like two minutes because.

The murdering Mouth. I should wear another glove now that I don't have to scroll comment. I see that you put cages so soon as I'm done taking this out the packages I will write your cages down them. That's just fell on the floor. Y'all I had surgery.

My arthritis on my hand, I need better scissors. These are getting dull guys. It's like a big in my face. Okay, So - nine is sold out girl, so we need one more cage pick and Sarah said that there's another cupcake in the If you wanna take a look And let us know she messaged me all your cage picks. I made a minute. Hi, I'm made. Yes, I do. Don't let the puppy nose. Alright, we're mommies it go y'all. Alright, let me count this real quick two. Bam 20 - 70, gosh, I got - Okay shoot, which one was sold out.

That's what I thought you said. And I need five locket picks. Hi, Pam. Thank you - three so you want Alright, let me verify all their file those when I'm done shocking since my gloves, all grows okay. I don't. Your first oyster is a gorgeous White tea ice blue. I don't know we'll see.

Oh this one for sure the unicorn. And grabbing Living. Hi Cynthia Thank you. A baby pink bubblegum pink. Hi, I'm Craig cry. Oh another White. A beautiful orange Hi Jordan. It's very very light light Green, very light. I think you just got a mermaid tail. What colors are you hoping for?

I didn't even ask you girl colors. Are you hoping for? I'm so sorry. I'm just gonna wait until you tell me.

Tell me tell me what you're looking for a girl. You got a sky. That's a gorgeous gorgeous Pearl and might even be an aqua almost. A powder blue pinks and blue.

You've got the blue girl. Another White holy moly I hardly ever get wise and you just got three. Another beautiful blue, oh, alright. What was the other color? Cinderella Blue, One of those one of those is gotta be a sincerely blue.

Oh my gosh another blue. This is this is very sincerely look at that. Thanks Rosemary. Powder Pink It's like a pinball another gorgeous pink powder pink. A Green Almost a granny Smith. Stubborn boy, Oh, you're pretty like a magenta. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you like blue because I half your pearls Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining blue girl and you just got an ocean blue.

A silver bells. Another blue, oh my goodness, that's like a deep ocean blue almost a Royal blue. Hi Chelsea. Another orange, but it's not a Cheetos orange.

It's more like a orange. Tinker Bell Green That's either silver or Slurpee. So sold ABBA - Super Trouper no, it's not that's the gold locket. And 15 is the What are you okay? You got a hot pink, I haven't had a hot pink in a minute.

Good night, Amanda And your last one is a beautiful. Barbie pink whoo. You did great girl. I forget the other color that you set other than bullet pink is that what you said. Is that what you said? Hi Kayla. I'm good. Alright, you guys just to let you know let me refresh. My page real quick Alright, I'm calling it so anybody that orders now will be opened in the am show just so you all know. Just so you all know.

Wow so many pretty colors. Alright, let's try these cages first. I still need one more cage pick. I have cage picks that's including the Niners, so I need one more cage pick from you. One more cage pick and Lock it. You want You did you have some runaway pearls run right June. Alright so our seven for your one Elite cage. Is the mermaid fin? Your lockets you want L two. The gold locket Then you want two of L seven.

L nine and then L 15 so Circle and leaves and then the Sun. Seven is the baby Turtle 18 is the Bumblebee 30 - seven is the Is the Disney Rose 60 - One is 90 - four is the is the Princess carriage Is the Royal Crown two and you want that times too.

Alright in Cage The Disney Rose Alright, let me try this up and show you your bread it girl. He's got a big piece of oyster on him. Go away here. Wow, the mountain blues that you just got.

How are you? I'm pretty sure that's M V P Black, but we'll see what it looks like when we show you. Alright, you ready girl. Oh yuck. So here are your four from your Pearl Lucky Eye - Flat Duo Jets - Lucky Eye. Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining is a mermaid tail. I just realized it when I turned the lamp up. Here is all your pinks going into your oranges.

And then your greens and now for your array of blues. Mermaid tail your second mermaid tail your three whites the Green I forgot to put with the other greens your purpley pink. Your two silver bells and your MVP black Yes honey. Mermaid tail beautiful Beautiful honey Male I got the rainbow cage you should've got the rainbow cage. Alright, let's count this up. We're out of the rainbow cage.

We have another one with the clouds. It's called cloud nine, I think. We're not sold out girls Thank you girl. Here's your Pearl your beautiful sticker and your little sexy mermaid. She's like Ohio. Ah, Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining Thank you Christina. I met the rainbow cake to literally like a rainbow and it goes like this like a rainbow and then you fit all your pearls in it like the color of the rainbow. I'm so good at it at explaining things I'm just saying.

Thank you so much. Christina The Dumping Ground - Various - Endless Grindstone: The Compilation are awesome.

Thank you for your order. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you like your beautiful Pearl. Bam Okay, This is the last last one in my lineup for before I started the live and then after this, I'm gonna have to write up my new orders and El Beso - Emilio Navaira - De Nuevo new lineup.

Are you here? Good you're welcome girl. I'm glad you love them. I'm glad you love me. I'm looking for Sam Tana. Santana oh, Are you here girl? Do you fall asleep on me? Dana Alright last call for Santana. Gonna move on in Next to my lineup is Valerie Are you here? Oh my hands on fire Look how Red they are. Okay here. Oh, wait Malerie. Just kidding. She's not in my lineup.

Ashley there, you are girl. I have working hands lotion. I just don't have it like at my desk. Ashley you got my special buy two pack presents. Get an oyster for free. You also got the poppy special. Buy fruit, Get two rice Oysters for free. I just saw that Sarah I just don't look at the orders apparently.

So, like the reason why my hands get your tail like this is because I am a big germaphobe and I wash my hands 20 - 47, and that's what happens in the winter.

It happens in the summer, too. R three, the best one, You got a big one. You got two oysters on cage one spin in one shot one shot Yes girl. That was a good one, Oops, why not put it away. So, Go ahead and give me your pack present your two -pack present picks one through six. Hi Marilyn Thank And I'm gonna do your spin. You got two oysters. Three and five. I literally just the wrong down there now girl.

Oh, I gotta refill my Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining hold on. I don't like it. Okay, So my 51 is gonna have four pearls and two rice. Because I am literally all out of. All my pearls are gone. Aren't they cute my little gift bags? Alright, so the Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining shot has four pearls in two rice. Just so y'all know. Alright so go ahead and pick your shot, or five. Staff Two Can you see cheers girl? There's You just got my five. You just got the five but really it's six.

Do your happy dance? Whoever got that for me genius cuz I cannot dance right now. Alright, So you got a gorgeous gold, a silver bells. A Green MVP black and then you're too rice is a magenta purple and an aqua. Girl You know how this works this is the deal or no deal. Let me show them to you. Yes, I called you Santana so you will be right after this girl. So there's your two rice your MVP black.

Your greeny yellow, It's a different color yellow. Your silver bells and your gold bam girl. So Estrada Branca - Theo De Barros - Violão Solo no deal girl. Hello Sabrina Welcome. You got it girl. They're yours. Alright, so you got seven Oysters, two cages and two rice Oysters. So do you want me to send Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining oysters home open them live or a little bit of boats?

Let me know girl. So I need two cage picks. Race Live yay. Holly It's so much fun to cough and laugh. Niner Niner Cage is in the outer cage. Oh, thank you Amanda. I'm glad to be back. I am glad. That's a pretty Pearl. Don't look don't look. Don't look okay. That's why I'm nervous to cut over the trashcan cuz those little buggers sometimes they will be rolling out like Ludacris.

Rolling out like Ludacris, though, like roll out. Oh, thank you Maria. Alright, what color is he hoping for I Lungs - Hotel Books - Im Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home to ask? I'm stinking tonight. I'm stinking. Alright, let me do your rice first while you tell me what colors you're looking for. Open You got a Tinkerbell rice rice baby, an evergreen or Red you Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining to order Christmas cage.

Alright girl Let's get you a rider Evergreen the two hardest colors. This is a challenge. You got a champagne rice actually, that's a unicorn. I've never seen a White one. Not even in my bag of rice, I've never even seen a White one. So for your first oyster, you got a lineman. A lemon lime sprite You got a Cheeto orange of flaming hot Cheeto orange, which is kinda Red.

Oh, you didn't get a Red cuz you know what a beauty another beautiful Green. You got a strawberry listing, which is bread. Red baby Yeah. The bubblegum pink. Bam Bam Bam I feel like I'm just making more romance. The rice one it's just different different shape.

It's not perfectly round. What was I doing? I'll show you Jamie. Oh, I was changing the song. So you got four rice altogether girl. Ooh, you got pretty rice girl. Oh, my goodness, this The Tied - Blank Dogs - Collected By Itself: 2006-2009 just straight up Red.

The gunk on him. Get back here you little bugger. Alright you ready girlfriend Alright. I'm a mess today. Y'all oh my God. I'm not every time I'm live. There's your Tinkerbell in your White rice your greens.

Red your flaming hot Cheeto orange It look at that thing on my finger. Oh man you're like caked on there. And then the pretty purpley pink and then your pink look at there. Look you got a Red girlfriend. That Girl you made out you did good.

Super excited Trump tonight. Thank you Ashley Girl I gotta Give somebody else a fruit card too. Here's your card. Let's get you a sticker from me. Do you want the flower this crunchy?

Say scrunchy for scrunchy flour for float Girl Alright, see you at six from your shots. Flower You got it if yours girl. Ashley, you precious little petunia. No, but thank you girl. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you like your pearls. What am I doing? In my lineup Center. I don't know why I Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining said that. Santana, you gotta stand girl you hear. You also got a gifted cage. So you gotta remain or cage and a spin.

Do your spin to win girl? Oh, my wheel is loose. You gotten or she got an oyster and a knee knee or cage. Here's your oyster. Oh, no. I've been more slapped. I've been I've been pretty bad on my overnight shows. Hi Sarah. How you doing girl? You guys hate that when you get an itch and it just won't go away. Me too. Let's see what comes you get. I tell you to tell the water but I can't today. Oh, you got a pretty pretty bubblegum pink.

That's a pretty one. Alright, let me show you this beautiful pink. That's a bubble gum. Pink a bubble gum pink. Pull up. Guess Who's Back? It is his first official release after his effort Power of the Dollar went unreleased due Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining Columbia Records ' discovery of a May shooting where 50 Cent was struck by nine bullets, and was subsequently dropped from the label as a result.

Billboard chart. The album's cover image was later used in the video for 50 Cent's song " Piggy Bank ". The album was recorded in Canada after 50 Cent was " blacklisted " in the recording industry and was unable to find a studio to work with in the U. After releasing the album, 50 Guess Whos Back - King JC - A New Begining was discovered by rapper Eminemwho listened to a copy of the album through 50 Cent's attorney, who was working with Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenbergand he was signed to Interscope Records.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Guess Whos Back. This article is about 50 Cent album. Review: Guess Who's Back? Retrieved on The Village Voice : March 9,


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