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Plainchant: Praeter Rerum Seriem - The Kings Singers - Lassus* - How Excellent Is Thy Name (Sacred

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Download Plainchant: Praeter Rerum Seriem - The Kings Singers - Lassus* - How Excellent Is Thy Name (Sacred

They specialise in performing a cappella sacred vocal music. Only 5 left in stock more on the way. For me, it is even superior to the overblown "The Best of the Renaissance" also by the Tallis scholars. The enchantment begins wit the cds themselves, exquisitely decorated with a reproduction of the Vision of St Bernhard of Clairvaux by Renaissance painter Filippino Lippi. Utrecht: Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis, —.

Elders, Willem, and Plainchant: Praeter Rerum Seriem - The Kings Singers - Lassus* - How Excellent Is Thy Name (Sacred de Haen, eds. Proceedings of the International Josquin Symposium, Utrecht Utrecht: Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis, Elders, Willem, For a complete list of publications by Josquin specialist Willem Elders, please visit his website: willemelders.

Fallows, David. Fiore, Carlo. Josquin des Prez. Gleason, Harold, and Warren Becker. Music in the Middle Ages and Sleepelss Angels - Dark The Suns - All Ends In Silence Renaissance. Bloomington, Indiana: Frangipani Press, Godt, Irving.

Higgins, Paula. Journal of the American Musicological Society57, 3 Autumn, : — Lowinsky, Edward E. London: Oxford University Press, Macey, Patrick. Bonfire Songs: Savonarola's Musical Legacy. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Dean Roote ed. Grove Music Online. Retrieved 29 October The Journal of Musicology 16, 2 Spring : — The Journal of Musicology 18, 4 : — Milsom, John.

Noble, Jeremy. Pietschmann, Klaus. Reese, Gustave. Music in the Renaissance. New York: W. Norton, London: Macmillan Publishers, — Sherr, Richarded. The Josquin Companion. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Steib, Murray. The Journal of Musicology 16, 4 Autumn, : — Taruskin, Richard. Music from the Earliest Notations to the Sixteenth Century. New York: Oxford University Press, Wegman, Rob C. The E-mail Address es you entered is Plainchant: Praeter Rerum Seriem - The Kings Singers - Lassus* - How Excellent Is Thy Name (Sacred not in a valid format.

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Your rating has been recorded. Josquin was born in the area controlled by the Dukes of Burgundyand was Identity - Curse Ov Dialect - Crisis Tales born either in Hainaut modern-day Belgiumor immediately across the border in modern-day France, since several times in his life he was classified legally as a Frenchman for instance, when he made his will.

Josquin was long mistaken for a man with a similar name, Josquin de Kessalia, born around the yearwho sang in Milan from todying in More recent scholarship has shown that Josquin des Prez was born around or a few years later, and did not go to Italy until the early s.

Aroundperhaps on the death of his father, Josquin was named by his uncle and aunt, Gilles Lebloitte dit Desprez and Jacque Banestonne, as their heir. Their will gives Josquin's actual surname as Lebloitte. According to Matthews and Merkley, "des Prez" was a nickname. He remained there at least until One of Josquin's early motets, Misericordias Domini in aeternum cantabosuggests a direct connection with Louis XIwho was king during this time.

The period of to has puzzled biographers: some contradictory evidence exists, suggesting either that Josquin was still in France, or was already in the service of the Sforza family, specifically with Ascanio Sforza, who had been banished from Milan and resided temporarily in Ferrara or Naples.

Residence in Ferrara in the early s could explain the Missa Hercules dux Ferrariaecomposed for Ercole d'Este, but which stylistically does not fit with the usual date of —4 when Josquin was known to be in Ferrara.

Alternatively it has been suggested that Josquin spent some of that time in Hungary, based on a mid 16th century Roman document describing the Hungarian court in those years, and including Josquin as one of the musicians present. In either or Josquin is known to have been in the service of the Sforza family in Milan. While in their employ, he made one or more trips to Rome, and possibly also to Paris; while in Milan he made the acquaintance of Franchinus Gaffuriuswho was maestro di cappella of the cathedral there.

He was in Milan again inafter a possible period of travel; but he left that year. He may have gone there as part of a singer exchange with Gaspar van Weerbekewho went back to Milan at the same time. Since it was traditional for singers to carve their names into the walls, and hundreds of names were inscribed there during the period from the 15th to the 18th centuries, it is considered highly likely that the graffiti is by Josquin — and if so, it would be his only surviving autograph.

Josquin's mature style evolved during this period; as in Milan he had absorbed the influence of light Italian secular music, in Rome he refined his techniques of sacred music. Several of his motets have been dated to the years he spent at the papal chapel. Around Josquin most likely re-entered the service of the Sforza family, on the evidence of a pair of letters between the Gonzaga and Sforza families.

Around this time Josquin most likely returned to France, although documented details of his career around the turn of the century are lacking. Prior to departing Italy he most likely wrote one of his most famous secular compositions, the frottola El grilloas well as In te Domine Plainchant: Praeter Rerum Seriem - The Kings Singers - Lassus* - How Excellent Is Thy Name (Sacred "I have placed my hope in you, Lord"based on Psalm The latter composition may have been a veiled reference to the religious reformer Girolamo Savonarolawho had been burned at the stake in Florence inand for whom Josquin seems to Plainchant: Praeter Rerum Seriem - The Kings Singers - Lassus* - How Excellent Is Thy Name (Sacred had a special reverence; the text was the monk's favorite psalm, a meditation on which he left incomplete in prison prior to his execution.

Some of Josquin's compositions, such as the instrumental Vive le royhave been tentatively dated to the period around when he was in France. A motet, Memor esto verbi tui servo tuo "Remember thy promise unto thy servant"was, according to Heinrich Glarean writing in the Dodecachordon ofcomposed as a gentle reminder to the king to keep his promise of a benefice to Josquin, which he had forgotten to keep.

According to Glarean's story, it worked: the court applauded, and the king gave Josquin his benefice. Upon receiving it, Josquin reportedly wrote a motet on the text Benefecisti servo tuo, Domine "Lord, thou hast dealt graciously with thy servant" to show his gratitude to the king.

One of the rare mentions of Josquin's personality survives from this time. Prior to hiring Josquin, one of Duke Ercole's assistants recommended that he hire Heinrich Isaac instead, since Isaac was easier to get along with, more companionable, was more willing to compose on demand, and would cost significantly less ducats vs.

Ercole, however, chose Josquin. While in Ferrara, Josquin wrote some of his most famous compositions, including the austere, Savonarola -influenced Miserere[ 16 ] which became one of the most widely-distributed motets of the 16th century; the utterly contrasting, virtuoso motet Virgo salutiferi ; [ 17 ] and possibly the Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariaewhich is written on a cantus firmus derived from the musical letters in the Duke's name, a technique known as soggetto cavato.

Josquin did not stay in Ferrara long. An outbreak of the plague in the summer of prompted the evacuation of the Duke and his family, as well as two thirds of the citizens, and Josquin left by April of the next year, possibly also to escape the plague. His replacement, Jacob Obrechtdied of the plague in the summer of[ 11 ] to be replaced by Antoine Brumel inwho stayed until the disbanding of the chapel in During the last two decades of his life, Josquin's fame spread abroad along with his music.

The newly-developed technology of printing made wide dissemination of his music possible, and Josquin was the favorite of the first printers: one of Petrucci 's first publications, and the earliest surviving print of music by a single composer, was a Burned Out - Dirty Needles - Justines A Junkie EP of Josquin's masses which he printed in Venice in This publication was successful enough that Petrucci published two further volumes of Josquin's masses, in andand reissued them several times.

Pater noster may have been his last work. Josquin lived during a transitional stage in music history. Tuma, Frantisek. Perugia, Matteo de. Coprario, John. Pygott, Richard. Willaert, Adrian. Schultz, Johannes. Grillo, Giovanni Battista. Hacquart, Carolus. Tunder, Franz. Falvetti, Michelangelo.

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Geist, Christian. Bai, Tommaso. Bazylik, Cyprian. Vivanco, Sebastian de. Veneziano, Gaetano. Louis XIII. Marino, Carlo Antonio. I Shall Be Released - The Hollies - Words And Music By Bob Dylan, George. Ramhaufski, Benjamin Ludwig. Gabrieli, Andrea. Melgaz, Diogo. Gallus, Jacob Handl.

Weckmann, Matthias. Duval, Mlle. Rusca, Claudia Francesca. Zanetti, Gasparo. Tessarini, Carlo. Meda, Bianca Maria. Philippe de Vitry. Gambarini, Elisabetta da. Teixeira, Antonio. Fogliano, Jacopo. Priuli, Giovanni. Contino, Giovanni. Dumanoir, Guillaume. Galli, Antonius. Leoni, Giovanni Antonio. Scheidt, Samuel. Diletsky, Nikolai. Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre. Johannes de Lymburgia. Erbach, Christian. Menault, Pierre.

Grossi, Andrea. Schein, Johann Hermann. Mascitti, Michele. Woodcock, Robert. Caresana, Cristofarro. Du Mont, Henri. Rossi, Salamone. Sultan Korkut. Buus, Jacques. Plummer, John. Monferrato, Natale. Romero, Mateo. Falconiero, Andrea. Leopolita, Ballet Des Petits Musiciens - Chantal Goya - Le Mystérieux Voyage De Marie-Rose Polak, Jakub ca.

Stachowicz, Damian Bazylik, Cyprian ca. Mielczewski, Marcin ca. Wronowicz, Maciej ca. Maxylewicz, Wincenty Sebastian of Felsztyn c. Gorczycki, Grzegorz Gerwazy ca. Lilius, Franciszek c. Mielczewski, Marcin c. Leopolita, Marcin c. Gorczycki, Grzegorz Gerwazy c. Rohaczewski, Andrzej 17th century. Leonetti, Giovanni Battista. Nuova Musica di Crema, Coro "C.

Monteverdi" di Crema, Bruno Gini, conductor. Birgitta von Schweden Birgitta of Sweden. Vaet, Jacobus. Marcello, Benedetto. Pitoni, Giuseppe Ottavio. Ugolini, Vincenzo. De Rossi, Carmilla. Bruhns, Nicolaus. Rovetta, Giovanni. Vitali, Tomaso Antonio attributed to. Franceschini, Petronio. Rathgeber, Valentin. Fontana, Giovanni Battista. Du Mont, Henry. Da Firenze, Giovanni. Busnois, Antoine. Valentini, Giuseppe. Des Pres, Josquin. Porpora, Nicola. Artophaeus, Bernard.

John of Damescus. Pachelbel, Charles Theodore. Maillard, Jean. Mudge, Richard. Boleyn, Ana. Avitrano, Giuseppe. Paminger, Leonhard. Dandrieu, Jean-Francois. Dieux gart qui bien le chantera God Preserves him who sings it well.

Pezel, Johann. Da Firenze, Ghiradello. Reincken, Jan Adam. Mainerio, Giorgio. Smith, John Christopher. Ludwig Senfl. Marenzio, Luca. Harant, Krystof. Weichlein, Romanus. Strauss, Christoph. Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon. John Playford. Lasso, Orlando di. Walther von der Vogelweide. Titov, Vassili. Tinctoris, Johannes. Greene, Maurice. Dall'Abaco, Evaristo Felice.

Stadlmayr, Johann. Striggio, Alessandro. Bartolemo de Selma y Salaverde. Westhoff, Johann Paul von. Anerio, Giovanni Francesco. Roberday, Francois. Rimonte, Pedro. Salvatore, Giovanni Stabat Mater. Handl-Gallus, Jacobus. Giorgi, Giovanni Clarifica me Pater. Plainchant: Praeter Rerum Seriem - The Kings Singers - Lassus* - How Excellent Is Thy Name (SacredGiovanni Battista. Morley, Thomas Nolo mortem peccatoris.

Wipo of Burgundy Victimae Pascali Laudes. Anonymous Medieval Greece Christ is Risen. Aleotti, Raphaella Miserere. Leonin Christus resurgens. Carissimi, Giacomo Lamentation of Jeremiah the Prophet. Delalande, Michel-Richard. Birgitta von Schweden. Mantua, Jacquet of. Brossard, Sebastien de. Ibn Quzman of Cordoba 12 century.

Baal, Johann. Bach, Johann Bernhard. Arcadelt, Jacob. Jacquest de la Once You Get Started (Live) - Various - Forever RnB, Elisabeth-Claude. Sonata No. Nicolai, Johann Michael. Muffat, Gottlieb. Salvatore, Giovanni. D'Astorga, Emanuel Rincon. De Monte, Philippe. De Lasso, Orlando. Codex Calixtinus, "Responsorium in organo: Dum esset salvator in monte et".

Seixas, Carlos. Leclair, Jean-Marie. Bon, Anna.


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  1. How excellent is Thy name: Sacred music of Lassus () Jeremy Jackman Alastair Hume Bob Chilcott Simon Carrington Stephen Connolly Plainchant: Praeter rerum seriem. Orlandus Lassus. Motet: Praeter rerum seriem. Orlandus Lassus. Resonet in laudibus. Orlandus Lassus. Pelli meae consumptis carnibus.

  2. (Вокальная группа - classic vocal) The King's Singers - DISCOGRAPHY () - 25 альбомов, MP3, » Вокальная и хоровая музыка (lossy):: jstgfd.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo

  3. Josquin des Prez (French: [ʒɔskɛ̃ depʁe]; c. / – 27 August ), often referred to simply as Josquin, was a French composer of the jstgfd.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo original name is sometimes given as Josquin Lebloitte and his later name is given under a wide variety of spellings in French, Italian, and Latin, including Iosquinus Pratensis and Iodocus a Prato.

  4. Classical Discoveries presents early music on a regular basis on weekly programs but below are the playlists exclusively devoted to early music. Playlists: Early Music Specials Early Music Specials

  5. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about The King's Singers - Lassus* - How Excellent Is Thy Name (Sacred Music Of Lassus) at Discogs. Complete your The King's Singers - Lassus* collection/5(2).

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  7. The unique sonority of this music can still astonish listeners today, from the surreal nature of Josquin's Praeter rerum seriem to the extraordinary stillness of Lassus's Timor et tremor. Lassus Aurora lucis rutilat Josquin Praeter rerum seriem Lassus Timor et tremor Josquin Huc me sydereo Brumel Missa Et ecce terraemotus - Gloria and Sanctus.

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