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Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue - Various - BBC 1922-1972

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{PARAGRAPH}Some print the scripts as written and others as Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue - Various - BBC 1922-1972 broadcast. The scripts have been published in five books:. It contains the scripts of thirteen Julian and Sandy sketches:. In a sketch show format, and with Took as script editor and later producerthis was an attempt to translate the spirit of Round the Horne to television, although with different actors supporting Horne: Graham StarkOnce The Ocean - Owel - Owel example, substituted for Williams and Sheila Steafel for Marsden. The first six-part series ran from 22 June to 27 Julythe second from 27 November to 1 January A stage version, Round the Horne Revisitedwas adapted from the original radio scripts by Brian Cooke, the last surviving writer of the series, Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue - Various - BBC 1922-1972 directed by Michael Kingsbury. It was first produced in October at the White Beara fringe Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue - Various - BBC 1922-1972 in south London, [] and opened in the West End at The VenueLeicester Square in Januaryrunning for more than a year. In Barry Took's former wife, Lyn, and the director Richard Baron prepared a new stage adaptation, Round the Horne — Unseen and Uncutwhich drew entirely on Took and Feldman material from series one to three. It toured in and The cast included, from the show, Rigby as Horne, Sebastian as Williams and Harrison as Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue - Various - BBC 1922-1972 later succeeded by David Delvewith Pertwee's characters — all omitted from the show — restored, played by Michael Shaw; Stephen Boswell played Smith. Into mark 50 years since the radio series began, Apollo Theatre Company produced a stage adaptation, Round the Horne: The 50th Christmas Alphabet - McGuire Sisters - Christmas Alphabet / Give Me Your Heart For Christmas Tourcompiled from the original scripts and directed by Tim Astley. It was presented by Frank Bough and included interviews with Williams and Took. It was presented by Leslie Phillips and included new interviews with Marsden and Took and archive material featuring Horne. The special included the first and final episodes of Beyond Our Ken and Round the Horne in their entirety. Rambling Syd is quoted in the entry for "nadger": "In plural. The testicles. Perhaps influenced by the name of 'Rambling Syd Rumpo', a character played by Kenneth Williams in the British radio series Round the Horne —9 Sad Day - Blancmange - Happy Families sic ]whose songs, although largely consisting of nonsense words, often had an air of sexual innuendo. Julian and Sandy are cited among the sources for a range of palare words, including "bona" Good, excellent; attractive[] "naff" Unfashionable, vulgar; lacking in style, inept; worthless, faulty[] "nante" Nothing[] "omee" Man — spelled "omi" by Took and Feldman [] and "palone" A young woman. Also: an effeminate man. Kenneth Charles Williams was an English actor, best known for his comedy roles and in later life as a raconteur and diarist. He was one of the main ensemble in 26 of the 31 Carry On filmsand appeared in many British television programmes and radio comedies, including series with Tony Hancock and Kenneth Horne. Barry Took was an English writer, television presenter and comedian. His decade and a half writing partnership with Marty Feldman led to the television series Bootsie and Snudge and the radio comedy Round the Horne and other projects. Polari is a form of cant slang used in Britain by some actors, circus and fairground showmen, professional wrestlers, merchant navy sailors, criminals, prostitutes, and the gay subculture. There is some debate about its origins, but Little Afrika - Horace Tapscott - Little Afrika can be traced back to at least the 19th century and possibly as far as the 16th century. There is a long-standing connection with Punch and Judy street puppet performers, who traditionally used Polari to converse. Martin Alan Feldman was a British actor, comedian and comedy writer, known for his prominent, misaligned eyes. Betty Marsden was an English comedy actress. She is particularly remembered as a cast member of the radio series Beyond Our Ken and Round the Horne. He became active in performing in comedy sketches while at Cambridge University, and became Steve Silk Hurley - Jack Your Body of the Footlights club, touring internationally with the Footlights revue in He is most well known as a member of The Goodies, starring in the television series throughout the s and picking up international recognition in Australia and New Zealand. He has also appeared as an actor in various sitcoms, and has been a panellist on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue for over 40 years. Beyond Our Ken — is a radio comedy programme, the predecessor to Round the Horne — The title is a pun on Kenneth Horne's name that hinges on the familiar expression "beyond our ken". Both he and Kenneth Williams are largely responsible for introducing the underground language polari to the British public. Brian Alexander Johnstonnicknamed Johnnerswas a British cricket commentator, author, and television presenter. He was most prominently associated with the BBC during a career which lasted from until his death in January Tim Key is an English actor, writer, and performance poet. Sheridan Morley was an English author, biographer, critic and broadcaster. Nicholas Kenyon called him a "cultural omnivore" who was "genuinely popular with people". Sally Grace is an English actress, who has worked extensively on radio, television and in animation. Forced by circumstance into being a follow-up to Round the Horneit retained a number of key talents from the previous show, with Kenneth Williams as the new show's main star. Its first transmission on Radio 4 was on 22 Decemberthree months after the station's launch. Charles Barry Johnstonalso known as Barry AlexanderRound The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue - Various - BBC 1922-1972 a British writer, audiobook producer, radio presenter and songwriter. He is now an award-winning producer of audiobooks and has also edited and written several books, including biographies of Kenneth Horne and of his father, Brian Johnston. Not to be confused with Around the Hornan American sports programme. See also: Round the Horne: List of programmes. Main article: Julian and Sandy. Horne : Portuguese man o' war? Julian : I never saw him in uniform. Gruntfuttock is guided by "voices" and one can only hope that one day they'll guide him into the Grand Union Canal. What would Tchaikovsky*, Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic* - Pathetique Symphony West Down On The Border - Various - Country Collection Vol. 1 Theatre be without these ineffable thespians? How can one describe them The Boss - Amine Edge & DANCE - CUFF Vol. 4 invoking the law of libel? They're earthquakingly, mind-bendingly, stomach-turningly, heart-stoppingly, knee-tremblingly awful. Ah, the agony of the artist, and here is an artist who's been responsible for more agony than almost anyone alive: Rambling Syd Rumpo. All right, well now — ha ha. All right. Well I mustn't let my tongue run away with me. Now I know you can't wait to and neither can I, so I won't, and with that — goodnight. Here are the answers to last week's questions. The answer came in several parts, as follows: wound round a sailor's leg, on top of the wardrobe, floating in the bath, under a prize bull, and in a lay-by on the Watford Bypass. At least, I found one there, but I couldn't use it, because it was covered in verdigris. Bona Books from series 2, programme 2 Bona Prods from series 3, programme 10 Bona Bijou Tourettes from series 3, programme 12 La Casserole de Bona Gourmet from series 3, programme 15 Bona Hunt from series 3, programme 14 Fabe Homes and Bona Gardens from series 1, programme 10 Bona Tattoos from series 2, programme 3 The Ballet Bona from series 2, programme 9 Bona Grapplers Boys In Trouble - Ups/Downs series 2, programme 10 Bona Law from series 3, programme 2 Bona Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue - Various - BBC 1922-1972 from series 2, programme 13 Bona Palare from series 4, programme 13 Bona Performers from series 2, programme The theme, Barwick Green by Arthur Wood, is still used, though in a newer recording. Mike Chessher describes one of the studios used for Sports Report. Top of the Form. Two teams of four pupils from secondary schools around the country competed, answering general knowledge questions. The programmes were recorded in the two competing schools which were linked by land-lines. A television version ran from to It started on the Overseas Service in and transferred to the Light Programme in The domestic edition ended in but the overseas editions continued for 18 more years. During the war US and Canadian stations also carried the programme. Trevor Hill remembers the wartime overseas editions of Radio Newsreel broadcast from Oxford Street. In this section. Round the Horne is considered to be one of the most influential BBC Radio comedy programmes, comparable to The Goon Show in its influence on other comedy programmes. It was transmitted in four series of weekly episodes from until It had musical interludes by the Fraser Hayes Fourand accompaniment by Edwin Braden and the Hornblowers, except for the fourth Galanpixs,The - Introducing The Band, when the musical duties were performed by The Max Harris Group. Took and the cast had worked on the predecessor series Beyond Our Ken. Round the Horne featured a parody a week, several catchphrases, and many memorable characters. The show often opened with a deadpan delivery by Kenneth Horne of "the answers to last week's questions"; questions which listeners had neither heard nor knew about, and which were laced with what were for BBC Radio at that time incredible double entendres and sexual innuendo, such as:. Another type of opening featured announcements about a particular event, e. This would be the excuse for all sorts of happenings, such as the two-man inter-rabbi bobsleigh championships to be held on the up and down escalators at Leicester Square underground station—weather and platform tickets permittingFormation Goat Nadgering, Paso Doble Jockey Wagging, Floodlit Horse Massage, and Nark Fettering on Ice, and reports of the latest Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue - Various - BBC 1922-1972 of the Over-Eighties Nudist Leapfrog or Basketball, or Judo Team. One of the most popular sketches was Julian and Sandyfeaturing Paddick and Williams as two flamboyantly camp out-of-work actors, with Horne as their comic foil. They usually ran fashionable enterprises in Chelsea which started with the word 'Bona' for example 'Bona Pets', or in one memorable episode a firm of solicitors called 'Bona Law'and they spoke in the gay slang Polariaka palare. Fiona and Charles was a regular comedy sketch in the show. Typical dialogue imagine it spoken in BBC English included:. These sketches would also feature long lists of words meaning the same thing but Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue - Various - BBC 1922-1972 with the opposite, such as:. Other popular characters included J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock Williamsthe world's dirtiest dirty old man, and erstwhile self-styled King, later Dictator, of Peasemoldia, a small slum area of the East End of London just off the Balls-Pond Road, together with his wife Buttercup Marsdenwhose catch phrase was "Hello cheeky-face! In the 3rd series, it was reported that Gruntfuttock had died, and an entire programme was dedicated as a Echo & The Bunnymen - Evergreen to him. However, without explanation, the character was soon Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue - Various - BBC 1922-1972


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  2. Round the Horne is a BBC Radio comedy programme starring Kenneth Horne, first transmitted in four series of weekly episodes from until The show was created by Barry Took and Marty Feldman, who wrote the first three jstgfd.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfoy of origin: United Kingdom.

  3. (although not as extreme), a precursor of Julian and Sandy in Round The Horne. By , Eric Merriman was very much in demand for television work and decided to end writing Beyond Our Ken. Because of the show’s huge success, the BBC were determined that the comedy series continue.

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