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Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

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However, what divided D. And yes, bands like Metallica and Overkill created the idea of thrash before D. Aside from the historical significance of their contributions, this crossover powerhouse played with a whole lot of heart which can infinitely be heard in their records. I also rock the bandanna and white sleeveless ST shirt and pulled up socks on occasion.

Lights camera is worth it just for the first track. I can listen to You Can't Bring Me Down and then turn the rest off and be satisfied that it's the greatest album ever. True story: when I first saw the video for "waking the dead" when I was 13, I thought that ST were a bunch Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

Guns N Roses copycats based on the fact that they were wearing bandanas as well The fact that the music was completely different went unnoticed as well And yes, I do admit that GNR were my introduction to heavy music. Am I a poser? Good stuff Sarge. I got into Suicidal late with "Suicidal for life" - which I fuckin' loved - and into their older stuff retrospectively. Sadly I never saw them live, scared shitless to do so now as I'm not convinced they are still cyco after all these years.

The Art of Rebellion is my favorite ST record. It's their record for metalheads, with all the long intros, proggy stuff and falsetto stuff. Back then I thought their early stuff was crap and they couldn't play. Right now Darkthrone is one of my favorite bands. Go figure. But I still think The Art of Rebellion kicks ass.

Their December show in Baltimore was pretty kick ass, and as stated, their new drummer is probably keeping Gene Hoglan awake at night though i still love Gene and ironically have been listening to SYL lately too Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It! you look at the inside band photos of Dismember's "Massive Killing Capacity" album you can see David Blomquist rockin' the bandana and buttoned shirt Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

ST. Even as far away as Sweden their influence was felt. Does anyone have a link to the photos of this album? He's offered to make them for me one on several occasions, and i could probably get him to make you one. In fact he sends them all over the world to people who pay for shipping. Pete gots it all, the shirts, all made by him, high socks, the hats with writing under the bill, shit son! Shit, I remember hearing them talking about how Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

bandannas with the little x's are the real shit, not the poseur bandannas we have now, with that other print on it. Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It! guys have black bandannas with that print, and I remember hearing one of the guys say that he seen an old lady with a blue one, and e wanted to swipe it from her and runn off the bus.

First you got sucked in by the easy to learn rhythm guitar tracks. You'd wail on them for hours, hardly believing your own ears as the real sounds of the titles track were emerging from your very hands At this point you got sidetracked by the lyrics about concepts familiar to any 13 year old underdog like not wanting to get up in the morning and getting made fun of for your clothes and Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

microscopically through your own anatomy. There was no song that directly helped you through your feelings if inadequacy as rated against Rocky George and his hat, but the overall sentiment is there. A week later, the bracket that held the strings in place sheared loose and it was time to either get a warlock or take up bass. Yeah but that makes sense if you use the Nocturnus time machine to travel back to the era of The Reality of My Surroundings when Fishbone made an unstable album long Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

scene between shred guitar and Sly and the Family Stone. That's all I have to say. As a brown guy, it was pretty much a requirement that I listen to these dudes, but man - who wouldn't want to? Their imagery ruled, their songs ruled, their merch ruled. I saw them a year or so ago and they still put on a good show. I think they enlist black dudes assuming their target audience is gonna be too drunk to know any different.

The production is awesome, and the title track, though sorta emo, is a scorcher. Definitely agree with their debut being the best album of all time and space. That record should win the godamned grammy every Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It! as long as muir is alive. Degen Erik. Necrodeath - Defragments Of Insanity 9 months ago.

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Les Chiffres. Bilan catastrophique de Hollande : les chiffres 3 years ago. Old Tendencies. Zerch Of Chu. Metallica 3 years Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!. Libertarian Money. Welcome to LarkenRose. Com 14 years ago. Deniers For Hire. Dan Sanchez. Ok, let me preface this by saying that this is not a metal album, at all. Sure, some of the riffs have some metal influence, but this is a pure hardcore punk album, and an early example of Thrashcore which is Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

really fast hardcore punk, and a precursor to Powerviolence and Grindcore. However, since I am much more of a punk than a metalhead, this is perfect fro me, and I like it better than any of DRI's crossover thrash albums. This album shows quite a bit of growth from their debut, even though Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

features reworked versions of many of the songs from the Dirty Rotten LP. The album opens rather slowly, but the thrashing kicks in pretty soon, within the same, minute long song. Many of the songs feature radical tempo shifts like that, and seeing as how most songs are under 2 minutes and only 2 are even over 3 minutes they happen pretty fast.

Of course a few songs that do stretch the format a bit, as I mentioned before 2 of them even manage to surpass the 3 minute mark, which was a first for these boys at the time hell, most of the songs on Dirty Rotten LP don't even reach 1 minute.

In fact this album is not tight, nor was it entirely original Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!. When emotionlessly analysing releases such as these it could be considered pretty much a Mouthwatering Death - Red Pill - Sinners Club, but a better mess than the Dirty Rotten EP.

But honestly, this music was supposed Landing Blows - Santo Gold - Hold On be a mess. That was the whole point. God is broke, The well ran dry So pay up while you can Or you'll end up in hell Money in the box is like A halo on your head But all of Christ's love Still leaves him with the dead Karma Hey, punk, Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

that bottle in your hand What makes you so sad? Could life really be that bad? Nursing Home Blues I am an old man living alone My loved ones stuck me here in this nursing home I've lost all usefulness I want to die Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It! have them all the best years of my life Then The Supremes - Diana Ross - An Evening With Diana Ross passed away, now I've got no wife So kill me, young man, or hand me your knife I want to die My beautiful daughter says I get in the way I depress her because I'm old and grey She can't stand to see the wrinkles Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

my skin By golly, girl, you're my only kin I want to die Like an old horse put out to pasture Too old to be of any more use to it's master But when I lie in bed and I reminisce I begin to think maybe this is best I'm out of the way, not in anyone's hair And though I'm costing them money, I don't care I want to die I Don't Need Society Your numbers up you have to go The system say's "I told you so" Stocked in a train like a truckload of cattle Sent off to slaughter in a useless battle Thousands of us sent off to die Never really knowing why Fuck the system they can have me I don't need society I don't need society Before you know it you're in he corp Grab your gear boy you're off to war Stocked in a train like a truckload of cattle Sent off to slaughter in a useless battle Thousands of us sent off to die Never really knowing why Fuck the system they can have me I don't need society I don't need society You were an apple pie clone living at home Never straying to far from your phone Now son make it through enemy lines You must hurry there's not much time Made it sir.

They're gonna drop the bomb No time to evacuate, Dread A Dread - Johnny Clarke - Dreader Dread (1976-1978) call our moms Fuck the system, they can't have me I don't need society I don't need society Give My Taxes Back They block out the landscape with giant signs Covered with pretty girls and catchy lines Put up fences and cement the ground To dull my senses, keep the flowers down I want 'em back Spend my money on a race to space Wasting my money, slapping my face They've taken a peek Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

future's fence Taken a peek at my expense They've wasted human lives And they've fucked up mine I want it back I'm not into the material scene Polyester, polyethylene At least give me a chance to say what I want The Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

you waste, the more you want I want 'em back I want 'em back I want 'em back Give 'em back! The Explorer Day after day I comb my brain Searching Magdalene - Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2 (Original Soundtracks) words which sound the same Choosing these words and making them fit Hoping, somehow, they'll all make sense If they don't, don't blame me I'm exploring my identity I set the stage for the anonymous play Composing good and evil in an offhand sort of way So, if you should turn on me It's because you don't understand And won't until you assemble the fragmented picture Of a shattered man I'm searching And my own mind Is my latest, greatest Most fabulous find I had to explore everything All the drugs and drink Cut my dick off with a butterknife in the sink Lived in jail for a thousand or more years Got lost for Jesters - Pegasus* - Pegasus million more at sears Never know what I might do next Destroy myself Discover death Reaganomics Reaganomics killing me Reaganomics killing me Reaganomics killing me Reaganomics killing you How To Act There's only one way to act When you're dealing with fools You stab them in the back And break all their rules There's only one way to be When you're making it Salt King - Stace England And The Salt Kings - Salt Sex Slaves she You've got to play a role And you've got to make it seem like love Shame No blacks, no whites, no Ku Klux Klan Orientals, Mexicans No guns, no bombs, national front No greed, no hate, no Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!

No smog, no filth, no factories No more cities to keep clean No locks, no gates, no property No states and no boundaries No Snap - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!no fads, no macho man Stupid, idiot, cock-rock bands No cops, no crimes, no jealousy No laws, creeds, no one to please I'm ashamed to be a human being I'm Volviendo A Ser - Portales - Portales En Vivo to be a human being Cause we've got the brains to stop all war But we're rotten to the core Argument Thats How Much I Love You - Various - Greatest Love Songs - Golden Greats War Argument then war Even the score Retaliate, revenge The will to win Man can't be wrong Man can never get along Man wants to fight Man wants to be right Man wants to kill Man will Argument then war Even the score Retaliate, revenge The will to win Man can't be wrong Man can never get along Man lives in the past Civilized trash Man hates himself Poisons himself He is his own disease Committing slow suicide


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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Dealing With It! on Discogs/5(18).

  2. Dealing With It! (Millennium Edition), an album by D.R.I. on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics jstgfd.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfoed on:

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  4. album: "Dealing With It" () 1. Snap 2. I'd Rather Be Sleeping 3. Marriage 4. Yes Ma'am 5. Soup Kitchen 6. Mad Man 7. Stupid, Stupid War 8. Counter Attack 9. Couch Slouch God Is Broke Karma Nursing Home Blues I Don't Need Society Give My Taxes Back The Explorer Reaganomics How To Act Shame Argument.

  5. D.R.I. (aka Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) were one of the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal, along with Suicidal Tendencies and Corrosion of Conformity.

  6. Dealing With It! is the second studio album by the American hardcore punk band D.R.I., which was released in Although the band started their migration towards a heavy metal influence, this album still retains the band's roots. Track listingGenre: Crossover thrash.

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