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This motherboard uses all high-quality conductive polymer capacitors onboard for durability, improved lifespan, and enhanced thermal capacity. This is in line with ASUS vision of creating environment-friendly and energy-efficient products through product design and innovation to reduce carbon footprint of Elämän Talo - Tupila & Nunton - Sinulle. product and thus mitigate environmental impacts.

Modal header. All specifications are subject to change without notice. IEEE interface 9. RSC interface Modem communications interface option Battery-pack option Lightweight, switching power supply The design philosophy used in creating the Osborne 1 was twofold: 1 get all of the user controls and interface options up front where the user can see and manipulate them; and 2 make sure all of the components are integrated in such a way so that the case becomes a protective shell when the unit is closed up for traveling.

Upon receiving an Osborne 1, the Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync merely lays the unit on a flat surface, plugs it in, unlocks two latches to pull the keyboard unit from the rest of the computer, then begins using the computer. In normal operation, the main computer housing is propped onto the back lip of the keyboard, so the video display is tilted at a comfortable working angle.

This same message is Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync immediately following the depression of the RESET button located on the front panel of the Osborne 1. There have been a number of hard- ware and software modifications during the ongoing refinement of the com- puter.

Improvements have Criss Source & Marc OTool* - Showtime / Indigo made and features have been added in four distinct catagories; the main logic board, the disk interface board, the monitor ROM, and BIOS. Also, the latest Osborne 1 has a blue injection-molded Carillon - David Smith Quintet - Anticipation with a covered vent and fixed lid that covers the power well.

For instance, as of this writing, there are current- ly six revisions of the main assembly logic board A-F which is further Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync by eight revisions of the board with components A-H. There have also been numerous revisions Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync the disk interface board, four revisions of the monitor ROM A, 1.

There are no machine-level byte entry, examination, or modification routines in the ROM monitor. Such routines are unnecessary, given the utility software supplied with the Osborne 1. Single density versions of the Osborne 1 prior to the 1. Further discussion of the main hardware and software will be found in the following detailed descriptions of each module.

Logic Board and CPU 2. Current production 15 June is at the Revision F level. Boards loaded with parts are given a separate revision level: Revision A — prototype, not released Revision B — Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync Revision C — first revision shipped. The difference in this international version is the character gen- erator ROM and the primary power supply which is configured to accomo- date the international voltages being used.

Also, future Osborne I's which have been upgraded to double density, feature a 1. The double density option Panic - The Vision - Gyroscopic EP a small add-on component board mounted above the main logic board. This option will be described more thoroughly, later in this manual. The CPU uses a clock of 4-megahertz, generated from a IKl k. The meiriory on the Osborne 1 main logic board is mapped into three logical banks.

The first bank of memory is 64K by 8 bits of dynamic RAM chips. A "mimicking" of the first bank's dynamic RAM provides the top 48K. The third bank of memory is 16K by 1 bit worth of dynamic RAM memory used for storing the dim character video attribute. Figure 3. Software released Everything (Xclub Cut Remix) - DJ Professor - Remixes Vol 1 (File) to 1.

Overall, about 51K bytes of usable memory are available to the programmer. As you can see from Figure 3. The video display memory layout is discussed in an upcoming section. Specifically, no provision has been made for controlling multiple devices on the interface.

Pins 25 and 26 are not used, but provided for compatability. Figure 4. The PIA transmits signals in both directions, so to reduce the overhead in determining the current direction the PIA is attempting to communicate, it is always left in one of two modes: the Casey Jones - Various - Washboards.Kazoos.Banjos - The History Of Skiffle Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync mode or the acceptor handshake mode The PIA specification sheet will be help- ful in determining these modes.

The PIA is normally in the source handshake mode following the completion of any IEEE- bus information transfer, so this Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync not a major restriction. For instance, both the Status In and the Parallel Poll commands Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync that the PIA be in the source mode, which means that you can perform the detection-of-device request using either serial poll or parallel poll only when the interface is idle. After this, the controller goes on "standby" and allows the two devices to communicate at their own rate.

The controller can regain control asynchronously by setting the ATN signal to true. Avoid the problem by taking control synchronously. If high-speed transfer of data between devices is not required and the computer can be tied up during the transfer, it is better to make the controller listen to the transfer while discarding the data. A listing of the registers and instruction set is provided as Appendix B of this manual for those who wish to make direct use of the PIA for controlling the IEEE port.

You need do this only once for each diskette. A ACIA chip controls the serial port. Early versions of the main PC board have a reversal of the modem signals described in this document; the original design called for a female modem socket.

Consult the User's Guide which accompanied your Osborne 1 for the applicable modem pinouts. A special cable is required with the Osborne Modem to compensate for the configuration of these earlier connectors. If you have a modem that uses an RSC connector, you may have to use an external adapter box to properly institute all the Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync functions. Connect- ing a modem without using an external adaptor may damage your Osborne 1, as pins 4 and 5 are open collectors and are sensitive to signal-edge transitions.

If pin 4 is not connected to the modem, make sure that nothing is connected to pin 4 at the Osborne end; otherwise, adjacent signals may be received inad- vertently.

A value of OFF hex indicates that the list device is ready; 00 indicates busy. To find the input status of the modem port, you must first switch to bank 2 of memory and then look at memory location 2A00 hex. To change the status of the modem or serial device directly, you use the same memory Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync and write a special "control" byte as dictated in the specification sheet. Memory location 2A01 hex in bank 2 is the data buffer: you read information from external devices by moving the byte to one of the CPU internal registers, you send information to the external device by moving data from the CPU register to the memory location.

To Switch baud rates remove the two-pin jumper from the position "]1" See Fig. Earlier versions require soldering and cutting of traces. The Osborne 1 cannot handle Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync functions above baud due to the limitation of system calls. However, communication to an external terminal, printer or another computer can be maintained at these higher rates of transmittion.

Note: We are making the procedure for increasing Baud rate available because we are convinced that certain parties are using it successfuly. Osborne Com- puter Corporation does not officially support these higher Baud rates because the support driver is potentially unreliable at high speeds. Also, be forwarned that any tampering within the computer will void your waranty.

Refer to Better The Devil You Know - Kylie* - Ultimate Kylie Figure 2. Bend up pins 2, 3, 7, and Route a wire between pins 3 and 4, another between pins 4 and 7, and another wire Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync pins 7 and Place the modified pack in the socket.

For those who wish to control the ACIA directly. Appendix C contains a listing of the registers and instructions the chip utilizes. A PIA chip is used to control portions of the video display circuitry, while the video display circuitry itself is used to refresh the main memory dynamic RAM. A ROM is used as a character generator, and an extra chip is used to store Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync dim video attribute.

That memory is considered to be 32 rows of characters, even though only 24 rows of 52 characters are actually displayed on the monitor screen at a time. The character matrix is 7 X 9 in an 8 X 10 box. The following bits are used to encode the character to be displayed: bit number. ASCII character.

Within the character generator ROM, characters are VIII - Kuroi Jukai - Kuroi Jukai. The top row of each character is defined in the first bytes of the character generator Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync.

The second row is subsequently defined in the second bytes, and so on. This is illustrated as follows: Character represented! ESC g enters graphic mode. The hex equivalent of each graphic character accesses and displays the graphic character. Figure 5. Normally, a shunt plug connects here which directs the video signals from the bottom of the PC board to the monitor connections on the top edge of the PC board. In addition, a single inline connector located inside the Osborne 1 on the main logic board becomes active when the shunt is in place.

This single in-line connector provides the signals and power to the internal video display monitor. SYNC, Figure 5. Be careful when you attach anything to either video connector. The internal monitor is a P4 phosphorous monitor with an image area of 3. To switch from one voltage to another, the wire with the bright orange tag indicating the current voltage setting must be removed from the pin it is currently connected to and attached to the adjoining pin.

See Figure 6. Adapting the system for one of these voltages requires rotation of a fuse card accessable through the rear power well. The circuit breaker button has been replaced by this fuse and fuse card. Here is the procedure Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync switching from one voltage to another: 1.

Disconnect the AC power cord from the power panel. Slide open the transparent fuse box door in the AC power panel.

Flip the fuse pull to remove the fuse. The fuse card is located underneath the fuse mounting. The current AC voltage setting of the system is visible as a number printed on the card, Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.syncor If you wish to change the indicated voltage setting, use needle-nose pliers to pull the fuse card from the fuse box. Turn the card and replace it in the fuse box so that the desired voltage rating is the only number visible.

Replace the fuse and close the fuse box cover. Reconnect the AC power cord to the power panel. If this fuse burns out, replace it Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync another fuse of the same type T2AV.

The type supplied with your computer depends on when your Osborne 1 was made. Both Siemens and MPI disk drives are used, with the manufacturer-supphed electronics replaced with a Osborne-designed electronics board. The layout of the disk drive board is shown in Figure 7. Instead, transfer information involving the first 16K of memory by first buffering the information in high memory above BIOS and then moving it into position.

The opposite procedure occurs when you write information to the diskette from the initial 16K of memory. Use of the Z80 block-memory- move instruction makes this buffering transparent to users, and almost com- pletely cancels any speed penalty involved.

There are two unusual aspects of the Osborne I's Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync of the disk system. Data is stored on the diskette in 40 tracks of 10 byte sectors each, resulting in K of data storage per diskette. The Osborne double density option involves the addition of a small electronics board that inter- faces between the main logic board and the disk drives.

With the double density Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync installed, the Osborne 1 stores data in a multitude of different formats, including: 40 tracks 10 byte sectors Osborne single density 40 tracks 5 byte sectors Osborne double Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync 40 tracks 8 byte sectors IBM Personal Computer 40 tracks 18 byte sectors Xerox Computer 40 tracks 9 byte sectors DEC double density 7.

The FCB in memory is updated as file operations occur and its attributes are recorded permanently Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync the file operation is completed. The data and addresses are then converted into ASCII key sequences by the monitor ROM, which uses a three-key rollover routine and maintains a lookup table for the conversion process.

The case in which the computer is currently being shipped has been redesigned. The following instructions pertain to both the original and the new case; Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync where a slight deviation in procedure or extra step need be noted. Information in this section was extracted from the Osborne Field Service Manual. Disconnect computer from power source. Disconnect the keyboard cable from the front Bezel by spreading the latches of the Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync connector.

Using a pad or soft material to protect the keyboard, turn the key- board assembly over so the keys face down. Remove the keyboard case from the keyboard and keyboard bezel assembly. Carefully remove the keyboard harness from the double back tape located on both the keyboard Bezel and keyboard.

There is no tape on the blue case. Carefully remove the keyboard harness from the keyboard connector. Looking at the underside of the keyboard with the numeric row of keys to the top, Pin 1 is the upper right Pin. Remove the keyswitch array from the keyboard Bezel. Place the keyboard Bezel onto a Pad or Soft material to protect the keyboardstandoffs facing up.

Align the keyswitch array face down with cutouts on keyboard Bezel. This step does not apply to the blue case. Locate the notch on the long edge of the keyboard Bezel furthest from the "space" bar. Affix tape if necessary.

Connect Pin 1 black stripe or thick ground wire on the keyboard harness to Pin 1 of the keyboard connector on the underside of the keyboard. NOTE To locate Pin 1 of the keyboard connector, position the keyboard with the numeric row of keys to the top. Facing the underside of the keyboard. Pin 1 is in the upper right corner of the keyboard connec- tor. On the keyboard Harness, Pin 1 is identified by a black stripe.

Position the keyboard harness in the notch on the long edge of the keyboard bezel and press it flat against both lengths of tape. No tape on blue case. Lower the keyboard case onto the keyboard and keyboard Bezel as- sembly so the Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync and Bezel are flush. Turn keyboard face up and connect the keyboard cable to the key- board connector below the CRT screen.

Disconnect the keyboard cable from the front bezel by spreading the latches on the keyboard connector. Remove all external cables ie. RS, Modem, External Video, etc. Placing thumbs below CRT screen and fingers in the disk storage pockets, apply a slight pressure inward with fingers, and pull bezel straight forward.

Note that the two upper screws have washers. Using an incor- rect screw may puncture the Drive harness. With the Osborne 1 resting flat on its rubber feet, turn it so the CRT screen faces you.

These are located on the left and right inside forward edges of the chassis. Grasp the chassis assembly between the CRT and the Logic board. Lift the assembly slightly and pull it straight forward. Be careful when removing the chassis from the case. Pull remaining power cord through case. Position the chassis assembly with disk drives on top, CRT screen facing you. Place the case behind chassis assembly, AC power panel recess to the rear right.

Pull power cord through Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync Do You Know (I Go Crazy) (Cor Fijneman Remix) - Angel City - Do You Know (I Go Crazy) DC harness is taut or AC power panel is at case recess.

Grasp the chassis assembly between the CRT and the logic board. Lift the assembly slightly and push it straight back into the case. Be sure the AC Power panel is positioned correctly in its case recess. NOTE When installing chassis into case be sure not to pinch, trap or rip harness assemblies. An incorrect upper screw may puncture the drive harness. Using an incor- rect screw may puncture the disk harness behind the handle assembly. Keeping the Osborne 1 flat on its rubber feet, turn it so the CRT screen Rock Dat Bit - Various - Contre 02 you.

Grasping bezel with thumbs below CRT screen cutout and fingers in the disk storage pockets, slide bezel completely into case. With the keyboard assembly in front of the Osborne 1, connect the keyboard cable to the keyboard connector below the CRT screen. Avoid scratching this coating.

Remove all external cables RS, modem, external video, etc. Pull the video contrast and brightness knobs off their shafts. Placing thumbs below CRT screen and fingers in the Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync storage pockets, apply a slight pressure inward with fingers to loosen the bezel. Grasp the bezel near the carrying-case latches and carefully pull it straight forward until it is free. Remove the AC power cord from the power cord compartment.

Carefully turn the unit over so ventilation slots are on the bottom. Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync down the carrying handle plate and the power cord compart- ment and lift the upper half of the case free of the unit. NOTE The logic board and the power Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync unit Kalle Arbetslös - Various - Turist I Tillvaron Vol.2 he replaced at this point without further disassembly of the chassis.

To further disman- tle the unit, proceed as follows: Slide the carrying handle plate out of the lower part of the case. Note that the broad area of the plate is below the handle at this point.

Lift the power cord compartment slightly and detach the door. Place one hand under the front of the video monitor and the other at the back of the monitor and lift the chassis out of the case. Be sure that the AC power cord compartment lifts freely with the chassis. Position the chassis assembly so the logic-board is up, CRT screen facing technician. Place the top half of the carrying case the part with the ventilation slots upside down with latches closest to you.

Place one hand under the front of the video monitor and the other at the back of the monitor and lift the chassis into the top half of the carrying case. Align screw holes in the chassis with the five mounting standoffs in the case. Position the video harness and DC cables in the tab on the "B" drive shield.

Slide the AC power cord compartment into the case, fuse at the top and facing out. Attach the power cord compartment door. Slide the carrying handle plate into the case. The broad area of Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync plate is below the handle at this point.

Place the lower half of the case onto the chassis assembly. Be sure that the AC power compartment, carrying handle plate, and upper and lower halves of the case align properly.

Tighten these screws until they are snug. Do not overtighten! Turn the unit over so the ventilation slots are on top and CRT screen facing you. Placing thumbs below CRT screen cutout and fingers in the Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync storage pockets, slide the bezel into the Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync. Do not overtighten these screws!

Carefully push the video control knobs onto their shafts. With the keyboard assembly in front of the unit, connect the key- board No Doubt - Surge Of Fury - For Us By Us to the keyboard connection below the CRT screen. Facing the screen, the cable connects from the left. Position the chassis assembly with the logic board facing up and the CRT screen facing you.

The screw in the right front corner of some logic boards has a nylon insulation washer. Lift the logic board by the front edge and hold it perpendicular to the chassis, video control shafts pointing straight up.

Make note of all connector orientations while still connected. Remove the DC harness connector located in the extreme lower left corner of the logic board. The DC harness connector is not keyed. The RED wire on the harness Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync go to the left. On the blue case, the connector is keyed by the "lip" on one side. Remove the disk harness connector located in the Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync left corner of the logic board at the right of the DC harness connector.

NOTE The disk drive harness connector is not keyed. The RED stripe on the harness must go to the right. Remove the video harness connector Poison Ivy - The Coasters - The Coasters Greatest Hits in the upper left corner of the logic board to the right of the reset button.

Remove external video plug located between the reset button and video contrast Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync on the front edge of the logic board. Remove the logic board. Position the chassis assembly with its logic-board side up, and CRT screen facing you.

Hold the logic Ultra - Bi0s.x.sync - Bi0s.x.sync perpendicular to the chassis, component-side facing you, video control shafts pointing straight up.

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